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Global Clinical Services employs exemplary Registered Nurses, Pharmacists and Physicians who are language specialists. Our clinical team of language specialists can speak and write in the following languages:

Spanish • Mandarin • Cantonese • Vietnamese • Portuguese

Global Clinical Services provides services to a variety of healthcare related entities:

Health Plans


Medical Practices


Hospital Systems

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Global Clinical Services will provide your organization with the needed clinicians who are vital to operating your organization. Our multilingual team of clinicians provides Utilization Management services, case management, health coaching, clinical monitoring and a variety of pharmacy services.

With the forthcoming nursing shortage, we can assist in meeting your specialty language staffing needs. Our clinicians work remotely so they are a good fit for clinical services that do not require face-to-face encounters with members or patients.

According to the US Census Bureau, the increasing healthcare needs of the aging Baby Boomer population are contributing to the growth rate for nursing jobs as more than 20 percent of US residents are projected to be aged 65 and over by the year 2030.


High Employment Demand For Nurses

By 2022, nurse employment needs will increase by 20%

The number of nursing positions will increase from 2.85 to 3.44 million jobs

1.13 million additional nurses will be needed to accommodate the US aging population

*American Nurses Association Data

Nurse Hiring Trends Indicate High Vacancy Rate

RN Turnover rate • 13.8 % 2010 • 16.4 % 2013 • 17.2 % 2014

Hospitals with RN vacancy rate greater than 10 %• 18.2% 2013 • 20.6% 2014

Days spent recruiting 36-97 days 2014 • 53-110 days 2015


Nurses Retiring With Long Tenure

2000 33% of nurses were over the age of 55

2008 44.7% of nurses were over the age of 55

2013 55% of nurses were over the age of 55

2022 an estimated 551,000 nurses will retire


To learn more about Global Clinical Services and our language specialists, please email us at:
services@globalclinicalbpo.com gmail | yahoo


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Global Clinical Services owns and operates healthcare-related BPO facilities in the Philippines and Costa Rica. We employ Registered Nurses, Pharmacists and Physicians. We offer a very competitive compensation package with numerous additional benefits. To learn more about Global Clinical Services or to submit your CV for consideration.

please email us at the following address:

careers@globalclinicalbpo.com gmail | yahoo